MOSIRC is a small business training provider compliant with ISO 9001:2008 requirements. MOSIRC offers ETQA accreditation services to those training providers who seek to align their learning material to SAQA registered unit standards and move training providers and their ETD Practitioners towards ETQA accreditation. You chose all the SETA’s with which you seek accreditation and we will guide the accreditation process to the end, including choice of additional SETA’s to which the scope of your training might require programme approvals.

We are able to deliver the following value added SETA and ETQA accreditation services:

  1. Provider accreditation support services
  2. Development and implementation of ETQA accreditation systems and procedures
  3. ETQA Policies, procedures and manual development
  4. Development of the assessment and moderation policies, tools and guidelines
  5. Development of the learning materials compliance to relevant Unit Standards
  6. Train internal QMS auditors and practitioners to set up and evaluate own QMS systems
  7. Orientation for the new Skills Development legislation
  8. Accreditation compliance audits
  9. Quality management systems design and implementation
  10. Facilitation of QMS internal audits and capacity building
  11. Provider accreditation support services
  12. Provider accreditation readiness evaluation and gap analysis audits
  13. Alignment of training material to SAQA registered Unit Standards