About MUNDALAMO & TSHISHONGA Incorporated Attorneys

Mundalamo & Tshishonga Incorporated Attorneys are corporate and commercial litigation and transactions attorneys that provide full legal services to entrepreneurs and business clients throughout the greater metropolitan Ekurhuleni, Tshwane and Johannesburg, as well as clients who have national operations. Mundalamo & Tshishonga Incorporated Attorneys was founded by Vhafunani Tshishonga and it is based in Midrand Johannesburg in Gauteng Province, South Africa. His career span from being a Trainer, an Auditor and various Management positions. His previous employers include University of Venda, Technikon Pretoria (Now TUT), NOSA, Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA), Ngwadla Attorneys, the IGH Group and the Department of Education.

Throughout his learning and professional career development, Vhafunani Tshishonga has obtained a Bachelor of Sciences Honours in Chemistry, a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and Risk Management, an international Diploma in Teaching and Learning with City & Guilds London, a Bachelor of Laws and two (2) Masters of Laws in Intellectual property Rights (IPR). The LLM degrees incorporates Patent Law, Trade Marks Law, Copyright Law, Law of Unlawful Competition, Intellectual Property Innovation and Management and Intellectual Property Aspects of Global Information Networks.

He is an entrepreneur and a proud proprietor of five (5) registered TRADE MAKRS and several copyrights in Education, Training and Development training materials in Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Management and Skills Development Programmes.

Mundalamo & Tshishonga Incorporated Attorneys is a firm of dedicated Attorneys who understand the ins and outs of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and corporate and commercial law. We understand and appreciate the importance and urgency that legal transactions and potential for real Court cases can have for your business. We recognize the good-old saying that “time is money” and as such we are committed in providing our clients with cost-effective, results-oriented service. We have the knowledge and experience to find innovative and insightful solutions to even the most complex of legal problems.

We’re ambitious and energetic Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and corporate and commercial law attorneys who are determined to serve you and your business and strive to contribute to your success in life. Equally, we are entrepreneurs ourselves the difference is that we want to make it easier for other entrepreneurs to do what they do best by providing innovative and cutting edge full legal products and services. We are able to advise governments at all levels, co-operatives, closed co-operations, companies, insurance houses, banks and other financial institutions on a wide range of legal issues, including dispute resolution and representations at internal and external tribunals as well as ensuring your regulatory compliance.

Our highly professional and comprehensive approach, combined with our dedication to procedural and practical excellence, affords us the ability to effectively execute your instructions speedily and efficiently. We are deeply committed to you, you business and to achieving excellence in everything that we do. We never retreat from a fight and we take a stand, establish a goal, and doing whatever it takes to take away all sources of your frustrations and stumbling blocks. The basis of our success is a strong focus on client service which we sustain by seeking to hire multi-disciplined talent and inculcating a commitment to service excellence and aspiration to succeed in our values and practice goals.

We value your relationship with us and are committed to learning and furthering your business and legal interests. We strive to develop mutually beneficial relationships that are based on trust and respect. Our success is measured by the results and the peace of mind that we achieve on behalf of our clients and we commit ourselves to the objective of client satisfaction, whatever it takes. At Mundalamo & Tshishonga Incorporated Attorneys your case will be handled competently and attentively to bring your case to an effective and positive outcome, as far as possible. No matter how difficult your case may be, at Mundalamo & Tshishonga Incorporated Attorneys we will contribute our unparalleled service and detailed legal knowledge to solving your legal problem to unequaled levels.

We are aware that being served with a court process whether the process is against you personally or against your business is a stressful thing and has the potential to set you off your personal and business goals. This is compounded by the fact that while the summons and applications give you instructions on the time limit to respond, those instructions are incomplete and leaves out numerous options and strategies that will ensure your success and ordinarily unclear to the majority of persons who invests their time and money outside the practice of law. This is where we come in to take full part in your success against your opponents and business rivals. We are proud to be able to represent our clients in the Magistrate Courts, Labour Courts, Land Claims Court, Labour Appeal Court, Supreme Court of Appeal and the Constitutional Court of South Africa. We enter into strategic alliances to grow and protect your interests by involving respected and committed advocates, where necessary.

Our Lex Proper Division provides professional continuous development (PCD) training for attorneys and advocates in the following court skills:

  • The Art of Motion Court Advocacy
  • Basic and Pre-Trial Advocacy Training
  • Advanced Trial Advocacy Training
  • Appellate Advocacy
  • Opinion Advocacy
  • Patent Law
  • Design Law
  • Trade Marks Law
  • Copyright Law
  • Unlawful Competition
  • Domain Names and Registrations and Dispute Resolutions